21 mars 2011

Barça, barça !! (and school)


 1. Beach
 2. Just Dance wii (yes, i am that geeky)
 3. @Serena's place
 4. Ines and her hamburger
 5. Barcelona airport

                           The most bori SCHOOL

1. Nina opening a chocolate easter egg
2. My beautiful face
3. Clara having fun in french class
4. Girlies in the courtyard

Haven't written in a while... please don't feel abandoned, i'm just way too busy these days... As soon as I publish this, I'm going to write my french essay. Will post some outfits soon. TODAY WE OFFICIALLY ARE IN SPRING ! ! ! HOW AMAZING? Sunny days and dresses all the way, yeah girlie !
Now farewell, my Emile Zola and Victor Hugo are waiting for me ! 
kisses all over your face xxxx
BG (bee gee ... bee gees !)

post scriptum: these photos were taken with my 3-pictures camera my uncle sent me from korea :) how amazing ! Big thanks to the photo shop that developped my roll and put the photos on a CD ehe

10 mars 2011


I went to Chicago with my grandma and my cousin, awesome trip but unfortunately didn't really take a lot of photos... :(
This is the museum in front the architecture museum... I can't remember the name... I'll update when I remember :) The pictures heres have been taken in the modern wing :D(and outside)