18 juin 2011


right before...

after forever !!

right before...

after forever !!

ahhh, happy facesss on a happy day ! :)
OK, so you can't really see what I'm wearing haha, well whatever because I got MY BRACES REMOVED. Oh my ! Oh, my days as some of my friends would say (well they didn't say that because they weren't excited or surprised but if they had shared my emotion, I'm pretty sue that's they would've said). Ahhhh relieffffffffff !

Jumper: Brandy & Melville

16 juin 2011

I've tried ... (1)

I've tried...
It actually works !
EXPLANATION : Asian people have monolids which means they have no crease. But having a crease makes your eye bigger and deeper and your lashes longer... lucky occidentals ! Anyway, there are ways to make you have a crease : eyelid glue, tape or surgery.

Enjoy :)

Tee shirt : Tory Burch (SALES NOW !)
Jeans : Brandy & Melville
Eyelid Tape : Random Korean Brand


Sunny Afternoon

I took this photo on thursday just before going to Paris (:D). Just some AWESOME Prada shoes I stole in my mom's closet :) These ones date back when I thought Prada, Dior, Chanel and Gap were equals ahem ahem. Anyways, just joyful colour block outfit !

8 juin 2011


Bon alors juste un petit message de rien du tout pour donner l'adresse de mon tumblr :
And just a little photo manipulation (not very manipulated... :S hahaha) I made a while ago with a picture of my 4th birthday (awh)

Here! Anyway, Perhaps I'll put my film photos online (this time, I learned the lesson and it was a sunny day so the pictures are actually understandable :D) even though I look like a freaking idiot on every single picture i'm on hahaha.

7 juin 2011

It's my birthday guys !
I got back just in time to celebrate it on blogger... hehehhe 
So, thanks to aaaaaall my friends who wished me a happy birthday and all the strangers or forgotten people who wished me a happy birthday... and as for those who didn't... well "forget you". AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON THE TRIP TO GREECE YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE BECAUSE NOT ONLY YOU GOT TO GO IN GREECE BUT ALSO YOU DIDN'T WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :(
hahhaha anyway some snapshotss :)

hahaha I love the reflection of the candles above my head. Makes me look like some kind of angel... fallen angle mouhahaa ;)

My brother trying to sing happy birthday in spanish :D

HEEEEEEEEEEEEY !!! I swear my borhter blew my candles BEFORE ME !!!! :'( hahaha <3

5 juin 2011

I'm still here, b*tches -M

YAY! I'm back on Blogger! For those who are considering changin to Tumblr like I did... keep in my mind they are two VERY different platforms and that you may not like it :S I missed posting tons of photos in the same post so much aaah. 
So here are some photos of my trip to Vegas. Nice lively city though very superficial. 

 My friend Clotilde having fun haha :)
 I love me some fisheye

 The Aria Hotel...
 TTHE Bellagio
 Cirque du Soleil's Ô (I really liked it but nothing to compare to their Elvis one. aaah, I so want to go back to those I-eat-in-diners time :( )
 Clotilde again
 Juuuust before the water show at the Bellagio
 "Cos' it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby I think I wanna marry yoou"
 At some really hip Japanese restaurant in the Crystals mall (Aria hotel)
 Juuust chillin in a stretch limooooooooo
 Some really nice views from a helicpoter :D (Helicopter tours)
 The Earth is a wonderful place, isn't it?
 Cute little picnic baskets to have a yummy lunch in the Grand Canyon... You know, the usual
 My cute cousin and I.
 TRUMP TOWAAAAAAAA (ps: Mr. Trump, stop being jealous of Mr. Obama... Nobody wants you as a president.)
 "Vivaaaa Las Vegaaaaas"
 Domo :)
The american-dream Pavilions :) (I'm sutdying the american influence in the World at school... that's probably why I keep talking of the american dream stereotype... BUT YOU CAN'T DENY THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM STEREOTYPE THOUGH.