8 févr. 2011

Art is truth, b*tch !

I wouldn't want to bother you too much with this but I think you deserve to go and see THE BLOG of THE MOST AMAZING UNKNOWN ARTIST ever who is... my cousin. Oh yeah, so proud. :)
She started this blogger thing so se could share her work with everyone but especially her art teacher and the universities in foreign countries she's applied to.
As well drawing and painting she started photography in late 2009 I think and has a great eye for it. To accompany her work, she's written brief meaningful poems and has added a sweet relaxing playlist.
Very amazing, right?
either click on the title of this article to have the time of your life OR copypaste this link right there:


 = Photos of snow day in London some two months ago

I don't know why I don't really like winter but I LOVE snow day, except for the part when it's half snow day half grim day and the snow gets all mushy and black under your warm boots. ew. mush mush mush it is funny to walk in the immaculate snow though, makes you feel like a powerful giant.

 Pictures of when I was in my tourist mode. (Département féminin, Toulouse)

Smile? No? Oh, okay.
 Post post scriptum: The AMAZING isn't mine... just tried it on and waited (without putting it down) in the changing rooms for my friend to change.

6 févr. 2011

Okay I must be the worst blogger ever. BUT since I want to shake up this blog a bit, I might try to change stuff around like:
1) I can't be bothered to write in two different languages anymore. I know french is my mother tongue but I've become more and more familiar with english and decided that since it is THE most international language (if that means anything) yet, I'll use that. 
2) Screw the time, date and all of that unuseful counting : PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED ANYWAYS
3) I might change the name of this place/thingblog

So here enclosed some cool photos of me and my gorgeous friend Loulou :) 

Vest: Les troizenfants (??)
Shoes: Doc Martens
Shirt: mysterious shop ( she could't remember the name)

Coat: Woolrich
Sweater: Random korean shop
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Melville
Shoes: Chloé