5 juin 2011

I'm still here, b*tches -M

YAY! I'm back on Blogger! For those who are considering changin to Tumblr like I did... keep in my mind they are two VERY different platforms and that you may not like it :S I missed posting tons of photos in the same post so much aaah. 
So here are some photos of my trip to Vegas. Nice lively city though very superficial. 

 My friend Clotilde having fun haha :)
 I love me some fisheye

 The Aria Hotel...
 TTHE Bellagio
 Cirque du Soleil's Ô (I really liked it but nothing to compare to their Elvis one. aaah, I so want to go back to those I-eat-in-diners time :( )
 Clotilde again
 Juuuust before the water show at the Bellagio
 "Cos' it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby I think I wanna marry yoou"
 At some really hip Japanese restaurant in the Crystals mall (Aria hotel)
 Juuust chillin in a stretch limooooooooo
 Some really nice views from a helicpoter :D (Helicopter tours)
 The Earth is a wonderful place, isn't it?
 Cute little picnic baskets to have a yummy lunch in the Grand Canyon... You know, the usual
 My cute cousin and I.
 TRUMP TOWAAAAAAAA (ps: Mr. Trump, stop being jealous of Mr. Obama... Nobody wants you as a president.)
 "Vivaaaa Las Vegaaaaas"
 Domo :)
The american-dream Pavilions :) (I'm sutdying the american influence in the World at school... that's probably why I keep talking of the american dream stereotype... BUT YOU CAN'T DENY THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM STEREOTYPE THOUGH.

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