7 juin 2011

It's my birthday guys !
I got back just in time to celebrate it on blogger... hehehhe 
So, thanks to aaaaaall my friends who wished me a happy birthday and all the strangers or forgotten people who wished me a happy birthday... and as for those who didn't... well "forget you". AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON THE TRIP TO GREECE YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE BECAUSE NOT ONLY YOU GOT TO GO IN GREECE BUT ALSO YOU DIDN'T WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :(
hahhaha anyway some snapshotss :)

hahaha I love the reflection of the candles above my head. Makes me look like some kind of angel... fallen angle mouhahaa ;)

My brother trying to sing happy birthday in spanish :D

HEEEEEEEEEEEEY !!! I swear my borhter blew my candles BEFORE ME !!!! :'( hahaha <3

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